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Dean Wareham
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Alejandro Rubio on March 11, 2014


Dean Wareham

It either takes a lot of patience or a lot of gall for Dean Wareham to release his first full-length solo album nearly 30 years after he began his musical tenure (first with Galaxie 500, then with Luna and Dean & Britta), but what’s more surprising is that many people are still not familiar with Wareham, despite his influence on the sound of so many of those bands crammed in your side bag and milk crates. But for those of you who are familiar with Wareham, this album is not simply a parody of what he’s done in the past; instead it comes across as an exploration of musical influences and space. Songs like “Heartless People” and “My Eyes Are Blue” sound stripped-down, but like the rest of the album, Wareham’s songs are deceptively minimalist. He manages to condense immense harmonic spaces and overlays them with existential aphorisms, which Wareham delivers with the absurd stoicism of Scott Walker and Lou Reed. And, although it may be too early to tell, if the rest of his future solo albums sound anything like his debut, then this scrappy kid definitely has a bright future in the music biz.


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