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Dean Wareham
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Bailey Pennick on October 18, 2013


Dean Wareham

After dropping the needle on the first track of Emancipated Hearts, “Love Is Colder Than Death,” an immediate feeling of comfort rushes over you. You are sonically greeted by the gentle, jangly guitar and soothing, hypnotic voice that have been firmly planted in your brain for the last quarter of a century. Dean Wareham, the mastermind behind Galaxie 500 and Luna, has finally released new music under his own name (Dean & Britta doesn’t really count) and while it’s only six songs—eight if you count the digital bonus tracks—Emancipated Hearts is a short and sweet reintroduction to the man who’s dreamlike sound has lingered in our subconscious for so long. Through standout tracks like “Air” and “The Longest Bridges In The World,” Wareham’s simple and direct songwriting is somewhat reminiscent of Hemingway’s powerful no-frills prose. Emancipated Hearts is quick to devour, but impossible to forget. 

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