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Dead Confederate
Sugar - Razor & Tie
FILTER Grade: 77%

By Brooklyn Hays on September 15, 2010


Dead Confederate

Despite the name of Dead Confederate’s sophomore release, the band didn’t trade in their grungy chops for innocuous sweetened-up, pop confections. The more versatile Sugar shows the band’s often thick and sludgy guitar textures stripped down, allowing space for cleaner guitar lines, a discernible melody, the occasional, albeit odd string arrangement, and vintage reverb organ. The album’s best song, a slower, largely acoustic-driven “Run From the Gun,” sounds like an exotic, neon-light-tinged take on Big Star, allowing lead singer Hardy Morris’s vocals to shine through. However, the album only hints at the possibility of Dead Confederate becoming a more dynamic and interesting alternative psych-rock band. Sadly, nearly half the songs on the album are bland, boring, and, quite unabashedly, one-dimensional. The South may never rise again. 

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