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David Lynch
Crazy Clown Time - SUNDAY BEST/PIAS
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Kurt Orzeck on November 15, 2011


David Lynch

David Lynch isn’t weird enough. At least not here, on his very first album as a solo musician. You’d expect it to be a series of pig squeals, dentist-drill buzzes and shotgun blasts. Something that might measure up to Crispin Glover’s The Big Problem Does Not Equal the Solution, the Solution Equals Let It Be (“McFly?”). But instead, these songs have rhythms and melodies and, in some cases, they even adhere to the verse-chorus-verse structure. Angelo Badalamenti has reliably provided Lynch with unforgettable, haunting scores for his films. Crazy Clown Time comes across as Lynch trying to measure up to his own composer, but falling short. (That may be more of a compliment to Badalamenti than a slight to Lynch, though.) When he’s not using a Kraftwerk-esque vocoder, Lynch’s crippled vocals are intriguing, particularly on “Football Game,” for which he must have shot Novocain into his face before recording. But the album as a whole is neither as crazy nor as clownish as fans would hope. Still, when the man decides to sing, you should listen.

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