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David Garza
Dream Delay - Cosmica
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Nevin Martell on January 12, 2010


David Garza

David Garza has always been an odd proposition. Over the course of 20 years and 20 albums, he has flirted with a kaleidoscopic variety of musical styles, while never vowing allegiance to one signature sound. His 21st album, Dream Delay, is exceptionally prismatic, an A.D.D. mishmash of styles that’s as rewarding as it is perplexing. The moody piano-driven dirge “Wake Up” is followed by “Love Back,” a swirling, trance-y dance tune which then leads to the lulling ballad “Ye Olde Dream Delay.” It’s an uneven journey, but there are so many gems here that it’s hard to resist buying the ticket and taking the ride. The bouncing, indie-pop of “Dead French Dudes” and the album’s exuberant send-off, “Loveless,” (featuring longtime pal Fiona Apple) are both graceful reminders of Garza’s extraordinary range and dexterity as a songwriter. Sure, he’s an unorthodox proposition, but those are the ones that usually make for the most interesting stories.

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