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Das Racist
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Dom Sinacola on September 12, 2011


Das Racist

Relax covers a lot. Bhangra (“Punjabi Song”) and The-Dream-like Prince homages (“Celebration”) beef up a heady run-time replete with subtle digs at everyone from clucking simpleton Lil B (“Call me Tahj Mowry / Call me Tia Mowry / Call me Tamara Mowry”) to icon Nas (via the Cool Kids, maybe: “Do the wop, baseball bat / All that”). Das Racist are made for parentheses and hyphens—fucking born for a twofer like El-P-helmed “Shut Up, Man” and Diplo’d “Happy Rappy,” where they slouch through their self-proclaimed “deconstructionalist” hip-hop and find some transcendently bare bars at hand. But often Patrick Wimberly’s production renders their pop-cultural culling too literally (coked-out, new jack swung “Booty in the Air”) and when that happens we’re back to “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell,” back to when joke rappers were crowned by Dan Deacon, not braying out bangers with El-P. And, c’mon: Dan Deacon’s the worst.

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