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Damaged Bug
Hubba Bubba - CASTLE FACE
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Bailey Pennick on February 27, 2014


Damaged Bug

It’s time to enter the strange world of John Dwyer’s brain from yet another avenue. The San Francisco noise staple, and mastermind behind frantic guitar driven bands Coachwhips and Thee Oh Sees, has prophetically released new music in some format at least once a year for over a decade. Not one to break tradition, Dwyer has a new moniker (Damaged Bug) and sound. Unlike previous Dwyer LPs, Hubba Bubba relies heavily on electronic noise with non-linear soundscapes often void of vocals. After the jarring synthetic combo of “Rope Burn” and “Eggs At Night,” Hubba Bubba hits its stride with tracks like “Sic Bay Surprise” and “Photograph,” which contain flashes of Dwyer’s high-pitched breathy signature vocals and a few bars of guitar shredding in between the machine blips. While Hubba Bubba relies on cold machines for its sound, the LP ends with a question (“’Am I a waste of life?’ I asked the night”) dropping listeners off in a fundamentally human state of self-reflection.


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