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Cut Copy
FILTER Grade: 77%

By Laura Studarus on November 8, 2013


Cut Copy

As damn catchy as the Cut Copy oeuvre is, let’s be honest—it only consists of three basic elements: 1) synths (bonus points if a description can contain the adjective “shimmering” or “neon”); 2) lyrics featuring any one of the following: light, love or cityscapes; and 3) beats specifically designed to evoke audience participation (dancing, clapping, throwing of undergarments). The Australian quartet’s fourth album Free Your Mind contains all of those things. Groundbreaking, this ain’t. But then again, are you trying to raze a barn or get your groove on? Album-specific flourishes don’t surprise. Before the saxophone kicks in on “Dark Corners & Mountain Tops,” you can already feel it in your bones. And the percussive, tribal breakdown in “We Are Explorers? What was previous album Zonoscope, if not a run up to this in-your-face style of beat-making? But as far as escapism goes, this is A-plus material. It’s OK, dance it out.  


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