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Cut Copy
Zonoscope - Modular
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Brooks Hays on March 18, 2011


Cut Copy

A preseason favorite for Album of the Year, Cut Copy’s anticipated follow-up to In Ghost Colours eschews the more-of-the-same method, instead delivering an electro-pop record more interesting, dynamic and progressive than its past—and equally as enjoyable. Opting for slightly sunnier, groovier and more intricate soundscapes, the roomier songs on Zonoscope reveal a motley collection of samples and electronic textures. Previously referred to as more “hypnotic” and “rhythmic” by Dan Whitford, the emphasis here is on groove and beat rather than bass and guitar. From the sexy, sparkling opener “Need You Now” to the ambitious, trance-like “Sun God,” discernible influences in ’80s pop, acid house, Fleetwood Mac, Kraftwerk and all the way to Men At Work are all here. Threatening to reveal itself anew at each successive listen, Zonoscope is likely to flower its truest colors nearly in time for Cut Copy’s most natural accompaniment—summertime.

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