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Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles - Fiction
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Kendah El-Ali on June 7, 2010


Crystal Castles

It would be a rather lazy over-simplification to merely crown Crystal Castles as the wickedest Toronto junkie-squatter-synth-speed-punk duo...ever. After all, not every Alice can at times gleefully crash her little body into a drum kit, while at others sound like an ethereal Annie Lennox displaced into a gutter. Bluntly speaking, the emotionally fragile might want to skip right over the gloriously malevolent salvo of noise that is second album opener “Fainting Spells.” But the militaristic electro-ska of “Doe Deer” may prove just as deadly. Yet for all her psychotic episodes, you kind of knew all along that inside Alice Glass was the sneering disco princess that emerges on the genuinely catchy and Ultravox-worshipping “Baptism,” and even more so on “Empathy.” The musical schizophrenia doesn’t stop there, however. “Suffocation” and especially “Celestica” err on the edges of icy synth pop in such an accessible fashion, there really is no reason why they shouldn’t be heard on the airwaves. So until the radio stations get it right...make of the wicked what you will. Ferocity will never feel so fuzzy, nor fear so inviting. And Alice is just so damn cute. KEN(DUH) SCREW-ALI

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