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Sleep Forever - Fat Possum
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Lauren Barbato on September 13, 2010



It’s tough being a buzz band in the digital age, where the heavy presence of the Internet can make or break you. The San Diego-based noise-pop duo Crocodiles has been a blogosphere darling since No Age backed its 2008 debut, and the band seems to be coping well with the heavy expectations. Yes, the distortion might be heavy, but when juxtaposed with soaring synths and Brandon Welchez’s echoing vocals, Sleep Forever creates a kaleidoscopic landscape much more intricate than the duo’s previous effort. While the steady drone of “Stone to Death” and the hypnotic ambience of ballad “Girl in Black” keep the duo a bit too claustrophobic for comfort, the electric glaze and pummeling beat of “Billy Speed” and the orchestral chorus of standout “Hearts of Love” gives Sleep Forever all the twisted energy it needs. Yet, it’s the title track that appropriately represents the duo’s more-focused sound—’60s sunshine pop veiled in a layer of haze.

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