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Country Mice
Twister - Wao Wao
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Adam Pollock on June 9, 2011


Country Mice

If used ironically, say, by a Brooklyn-based indie combo whose closest brush with rural living is their girlfriend’s window garden, the name Country Mice would be the most insufferable band moniker ever. However, considering the fact that lead Mouse Jason Rueger is a bona fide bumpkin (from Beattie, Kansas, Pop. 300), it’s completely appropriate. The kid’s got farm cred. Despite having grown up in the middle of nowhere, Rueger has concocted a special blend of country-tinged alt rock that must make his new neighbors in Williamsburg ready to chuck the mandolins and behave like normal urban adults for a change. On their debut full-length, Country Mice layer reverb-heavy guitars over Rueger’s plaintive vocals and enough finger-picking to show they know what they’re doing, the result is close to perfect. Sure they wear their influences on their sleeves, but they could do worse than reference Neil Young, Wilco and Meat Puppets. I’ll forgive the occasional similarity to Cracker.

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