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Cold War Kids
Dear Miss Lonelyhearts - DOWNTOWN
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Adam Valeiras on April 3, 2013


Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids have an interesting approach to composition: each instrument finds itself a small tune or pattern and, when alone, seems insignificant; yet, when layered or consecutively placed, weaves into less a song than a directional progression, a build-up, tied together by Nathan Willett’s rough and lovable filtered vocals. Their fourth, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts—interestingly titled similarly to Nathanael West’s devastating work—returns to the above composition style that 2011’s Mine Is Yours unfortunately chose to forego. Themes of maturation again flow through, yet some tracks (“Jailbirds,” “Bottled Affection”) recognize the trade-off between freedom and insecurity of youth. The Kids are no longer children. Then again, they probably never were.


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