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Cloud Cult
Light Chasers - Earthology
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Kendah El-Ali on September 13, 2010


Cloud Cult

If you’ve ever been blessed to find yourself enveloped in the would-be joy of the Upper Midwest, you will immediately sense the region’s Scandinavian roots in Cloud Cult’s twee undertones. “Hippie” isn’t quite the right word, nor is “green.” It’s mainly such a fresh-faced, unabashed, un-ironic sincerity that it’s difficult for the average urbanite to understand. Regardless of the universal, earth-loving edges of this Minneapolis collective’s sound (which edges can be trying), what there definitely is in Light Chasers is some supremely beautiful and well-produced music. How they managed to be slotted into indie is a bit of a wonder, but there must have been an “orchestral earth rock” niche to be filled as they’re still going strong after more than 15 years. 

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