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Business Casual - Atlantic
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kenny McGuane on September 1, 2010



Of all the current ’80s revivalist acts, Chromeo is probably the most unapologetic, which in many ways makes it the most loveable. 2007’s breakthrough Fancy Footwork served as the hip music-loving world’s official introduction to the tongue-in-cheek-electro funk-duo composed of one part Arab (P-Thugg) and one part Jew (Dave 1). Chromeo’s latest, Business Casual, finds the synth-wizards fully immersed in their musical time machine and the results are better than one would expect given a gimmick which should have worn thin after album one. Even if the influences are so obvious they aren’t worth mentioning, the songwriting is sturdier here: Kick-off single, “Don’t Turn the Lights On,” is the duo’s most sophisticated to date, and instead of being a worn-out joke, Business Casual is the sound of Chromeo having wholly realized its vision. The only question is where does the duo go from here without becoming a tired party trick? Chromeo just might want to get out while the getting’s still good.

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