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Christopher Owens
Lysandre - FAT POSSUM
FILTER Grade: 78%

By A.D. Amorosi on March 6, 2013


Christopher Owens

Looking like a character in a film where Ryan Gosling plays Kurt Cobain, the tousled ex-Girls frontman has taken a few cues from his one-time ensemble (a storyline about meeting the album’s titular lass while on that band’s tour; sunshiny soundscapes) while forging onwards alone. That he does it well seems strange from all the self-doubt he’s pumped into this solo debut. The 33-year-old Owens has funneled his usual druggy, droogy Flaming-Lips-stuffed-into-Beach-House tone into something cohesive and made it into Cali-folk popping and bright—with bits of classically gassy renaissance fair lutes and flutes for garnish. Onto that, he’s grafted formidable and ruminative tales of anxiety and vacillation while longing for the girl (“Lysandre,” not the band) and behaving loutishly. That might not seem all-too-original were it not for that haunted soul-boy whoosh in his voice; it's very convincing, that whirring whine.


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