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Chikita Violenta
Tr3s - Arts & Crafts
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Jeffrey Brown on January 28, 2011


Chikita Violenta

Most of what’s been written about Chikita Violenta makes note that the band is from Mexico, but it’s also important to note where it fits in, which is right at home with the Arts & Crafts label roster. Its U.S. debut has a similar sound to Broken Social Scene, likely due in part to sharing producer Dave Newfeld. While BSS has evolved to layered melodies and instrumentation with vocals varying from song to song, Chikita Violenta powers forward with more focused beats and rhythms. The album flies by at 35 minutes, a brisk pace established with the first few tracks (particularly “All I Need’s a Little More” and “Tired”), slowing for just a couple breaths before finishing as fast as it began. Tre3s feels like an expression of triumph, with a sound that seems to embody the confidence of youth not yet jaded and with nothing but potential ahead.

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