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Chemical Brothers
Further - Freestyle Dust/Astralwerks
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Jason Parham on June 11, 2010


Chemical Brothers

Electronic pioneers The Chemical Brothers’ new album is everything at once: swirling, dizzying, disorienting and hypnotizing. The requisite compressed breakbeats, moderate tempos, synthesizer-generated loops and distorted bass lines are present, but what makes Further more cinematic and expansive than its predecessors is Tom Rowlands’ and Ed Simons’ courageousness—that good ole English chutzpah—to explore the possibility of sound itself: the depth, the minutiae and the limitlessness. The music never overwhelms (“Another World”) and always pleases (“Swoon”), which is likely a testament to their 15-year bond as big beat virtuosos. To be fair, the genre has been known to overwhelm with a flurry of sound and effects at the same time. But on Further, The Chemical Brothers have perfected a soft fusion of sound that delights and enraptures. At a meager eight tracks, the enigmatic duo makes an audacious statement to its peers: quality usurps quantity every time. JASON PARHAM

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