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Chelsea Wolfe
Pain Is Beauty - SARGENT HOUSE
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Carrie Tucker on September 4, 2013


Chelsea Wolfe

Of her most sophisticated album to date, Chelsea Wolfe says, “It’s an exaltation”—freedom in nature, life, love and death. It’s other things, too; dangerous, late-for-your-lover’s-funeral music; rocketing towards and over a cliff with “Feral Love”; letting the sweeping “They’ll Clap When You’re Gone” take you like so much ash after the proverbial They grind your bones to dust. It’s a chilly warning in “House of Metal,” a place one should never throw stones lest they ricochet; it’s the glory (or terror) of knowing you’ll eventually be reunited with everyone who ever died in “Ancestors, the Ancients.” It’s aching and longing in “The Waves Have Come” and utter solitude in album closer “Lone.” What it’s not is categorical—comparisons could never do it, or Wolfe, justice. Every album tells a story and, thankfully, Wolfe’s story changes all the time, a morphing type of self-expression with completely pure intent.  

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