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Something - COLUMBIA
FILTER Grade: 87%

By Tamara Vallejos on February 9, 2012



Chairlift’s Something takes a retro road frequently traveled these days, invoking spacey synth and steady beats primed for cardio training (legwarmers optional). That’s true even in the album’s moodier turns, like the excellent “Take It Out On Me,” a ballad befitting a lovelorn montage in a 1980s teen flick. But compare this sophomore effort to 2008 debut Does You Inspire You and it’s clear these Brooklynites have come a long way. Back then, “Bruises” made its mark on American culture by shilling iPod Nanos, but it was the highlight of an unfocused record, with heavy-handed lyrics a little too sincere to be winking at their own gaudiness. Something, on the other hand, is a huge leap of cohesive maturity. Each song boasts rich soundscapes that, this time, emphasize not what’s said but how it’s sung—which is stunningly by frontwoman Caroline Polachek, whose hypnotic soprano puts the exclamation point on an effort that finally delivers on Does You Inspire You’s glimmers of promise.


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