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Chad Valley
Young Hunger - CASCINE
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Laura Studarus on November 5, 2012


Chad Valley

Chad Valley (aka Hugo Manuel) can’t wrap his head around modern music. We’re not complaining. His debut full-length is layered with the kind of unselfconscious joy that most of us can only achieve after consuming a case of Zima. Having taken us out for a day of sun with Balearic pop EP Equatorial Ultravox, this time Valley is bent on coaxing the listener off the beaches and into the time machine for a night on the town set some 30 years ago. Supporting his candy-apple grooves is a stable of heavy-hitting guests including Glasser, Active Child and Anne Lise Frøkedal. Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr. lends his velvet croon to opening track “I Owe You This,” sharing the spotlight with Valley with the ease of two friends meeting for a drink. Meanwhile, El Perro Del Mar performs a ghostly slow-dance on crystalline track “Evening Surrender.” A pop gem, Young Hunger proves that Valley can shine even on the most crowded of dance floors.

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