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Threace - DRAG CITY
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Zack Kraimer on November 6, 2013



Listening to CAVE’s fourth psych-funk odyssey, Threace, is a bit like watching a washing machine stuffed with Day-Glo fabric. The instrumental set is hypnotic in its repetitions, and just as your patience nears its end, you’re rewarded with clean clothes—or in this case a spring-loaded burst of meaty guitars, rock-solid rhythms and even horn-accented Muscle Shoals vibes. Threace systematically rides grooves to their breaking points, until a change just bold enough to make it all worthwhile appears. Rhythmically challenging but somehow still danceable, it’s shockingly dynamic for the space it occupies. The tracks act like they’re building to a singular climax, but here it’s more about the journey than the destination. Sometimes the minimalist restraint is a little much—see the near-unchanging latter third of the otherwise fiery “Sweaty Fingers”—but for the most part Threace careens joyfully through a series of angular, happy-to-be-alive polyrhythms that are primal in their appeal. 

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