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Cass McCombs
Big Wheel and Others - DOMINO
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kyle MacKinnel on October 22, 2013


Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs’ weaving narratives flow through the nomadic troubadour’s musical apparatuses with the same aplomb and abandon they use to slink the gaps between the vertebrae of the listener. A double album announced two months prior to its release—coming off the twin triumphs of 2011’s Wit’s End and Humor Risk, no less—Big Wheel and Others represents McCombs’ most transient yet memorable volume of song-carved verse yet. It’s a (relatively) sanguine, folked affair, unafraid to grin sidelong at its own mortality. Long the nucleus of McCombs’ subject matter, this time death floats down the broad zen river of “Everything Has To Be Just So” on a feathery raft.  


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