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Camera Obscura
Desire Lines - 4AD
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Clare R. Lopez on June 4, 2013


Camera Obscura

Four whole years have passed since Camera Obscura graced listeners with My Maudlin Career. After working with Grammy-nominated producer Tucker Martine, the Glaswegian quintet have readied Desire Lines, the fifth full-length in their maudlin catalog. If the title wasn’t a clue, it only takes seconds to hear that this record doesn’t stray from the ebb and flow of romance, a storyline and soundtrack that the group has mastered over the years. But it isn’t business as usual, either; these songs sound grander without losing their quaintness and some tread unfamiliar ground—“Do It Again” is driven by frenetic guitars and “Every Weekday” gets tropical. Those listening closely might pick up backing vocals by Jim James (“Troublemaker”) and Neko Case (“Break It To You Gently”). Desire Lines fulfills Tracyanne Campbell’s promise, as she vows, “My new year’s resolution: to write something of value.”  

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