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Calvin Harris
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Adam Pollock on November 9, 2012


Calvin Harris

While not traditionally an album-selling artist (at least in this country), the star-studded lineup featured on his new long-player, 18 Months, might change Calvin Harris’ trajectory in that regard. Or, he may just sell a gazillion more singles. A number of tracks from 18 Months have already been released and are influenced in large part by the bold-faced names associated with them: Ne-Yo, Kelis, Rihanna. The list doesn’t stop there. A thrilling guest vocal by Florence Welch adds an excitingly dark vibe to the album, which for the most part stays in booty-shaking mode. The Ellie Goulding track “I Need Your Love” is another highly anticipated single, and is also on Goulding’s new album, which should stoke the fires for Harris’ release even further. A forecast: By the end of the year, expect Harris’ star to steadily rise as 18 Months continues to devour the calendar—and the universe.


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