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Brandon Flowers
Flamingo - Island
FILTER Grade: 67%

By Lauren Harris on September 2, 2010


Brandon Flowers

It seems it’s only a matter of time before Brandon Flowers realizes his dream of a full-scale Broadway production on the subject of Las Vegas; perhaps a real American love story buried beneath layers of neon, harlots and sin. In the event that this dream never comes to fruition, he can find solace in that the score that’s already written—his first solo album, Flamingo. Pairing synths with Springsteen is a formula that’s worked well for The Killers’ frontman before, but here the Lanois production begins to grate amongst the constant God imagery and every third line being a cliché (e.g., “the house will always win”). Few moments redeem, such as the gospel choir on the sneaky “On the Floor,” and “Only the Young” which features Jenny Lewis, who Flowers describes as a “daughter of Las Vegas.” Such descriptors seem like a vague insult, as is this LP on the listener’s ears.

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