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Mutual Friends - NETTWERK
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Clare R. Lopez on March 26, 2013



Let’s set the record straight right now: BOY is indeed made up of ladies, native German Sonja Glass and Swiss songbird Valeska Steiner. Although, the debut effort put forth by this Hamburg-based duo is as bubbly and rosy-cheeked as any playful kid. The first song they ever composed together, “This Is the Beginning,” fittingly opens Mutual Friends and sets the overall tone. As an acoustic guitar, understated bass and airy piano play double Dutch, Steiner almost seems to direct her croon—“this is the beginning/Of anything you want”—to the listener as well as to herself. With the combination of these instruments and intimate vocals (not to mention some single-digit counting on “Waitress”), it would be odd not to notice that the album can sound a touch Feist-y. Yet the delicate and intricate progressions the songs present make this record Glass and Steiner’s very own. Attaboy!

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