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Bombay Bicycle Club
A Different Kind of Fix - A&M/OCTONE
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Evan Wallis on February 6, 2012


Bombay Bicycle Club

For A Different Kind of Fix, British foursome Bombay Bicycle Club continue on their journey to find a defining sound. Starting with post-rock, guitar-centric I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose, BBC then unplugged and went on a trip to folk town with the acoustic and doleful album Flaws. Here, Jack Steadman and company pick up their electric guitars and start plucking. From album-opener, “How Do You Swallow So Much Sleep,” the direction is set. Shivering snares and cymbals keep pace for the fluttering, melodic guitars that ride alongside Steadman’s spacey voice. Two standouts, “Beggars” and “Leave It,” are tunes fit for the space age that spans genres so easily that it leaves you wondering what this talented group could create if they grabbed a map and pinpointed exactly where they aim to be going.


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