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Coming Apart - XL
FILTER Grade: 74%

By Alejandro Rubio on September 16, 2013



Invoking and experimenting with the forms of popular music, Kim Gordon and Bill Nace’s full-length debut comes across as an exploration of aesthetic rather than another “alt-rock” record. Songs like “Abstract” echo the dark Eastern dissonance of The Marble Index, while “Black” manages to capture a visceral Leadbelly sensibility through an avant-garde John Cage approach. While it isn’t always necessary to frame or contextualize an album, the dissolution of Sonic Youth and Gordon’s marriage to Thurston Moore may have informed tracks like “Last Mistress” and “Ain’t,” as well as the overall cathartic tone that runs throughout the record. There are no distinguishable hooks or chorus lines anywhere on Coming Apart; instead, it’s just Gordon and Nace simultaneously subverting and creating musical forms that will surely polarize listeners who want to “get it” and those who refuse to.


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