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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Specter at the Feast - ABSTRACT DRAGON/VAGRANT
FILTER Grade: 77%

By Daniel Kohn on March 21, 2013


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Following the death of singer Robert Levon Been’s father, ex-Call singer Michael Been, in 2010, BRMC was in flux. Initially unsure if they’d carry on after losing not only a dad but also the man who’d been the band’s soundman for years, they managed to cope with the tragedy the only way they could. From covering the elder Been’s “Let the Day Begin” to the ferocious energy of “Teenage Disease” and “Rival,” Specter at the Feast features some of BRMC’s best since 2005’s Howl. Contrarily, they are also at their most vulnerable, as heard on slower songs like “Returning,” “Lullaby” and the brooding “Lose Yourself”; there’s a delicate side there that’s rarely been heard in their work at all. Balancing the intense with the delicate, BRMC’s Specter showcases the marvelous feat that music can bandage even the deepest of wounds.


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