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Bill Fay
Life Is People - DEAD OCEANS
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Erin Hall on August 30, 2012


Bill Fay

Plenty of artists fade away after just a handful of recordings. But few amass the underground following that British pianist and singer-songwriter Bill Fay has. And it was a longtime fan (producer Joshua Henry) that drew him out of hiding to release his first LP in four decades. The results are stirring: with deep ruminations on the divine and a fervent appreciation for the grand design, Life Is People is just what you would expect from a deeply introspective artist in his later years. Fay encourages listeners (and himself) to take stock of this life and appreciate its intricacies. He also offers a nod to those musicians who kept his work alive, featuring Jeff Tweedy on “This World”—the most cheerfully accessible of the tracks—and covering Wilco’s hit “Jesus, Etc.” with great aplomb. It may be a bit heavy-handed, but it will no doubt thrill fans that probably assumed this day would never come.

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