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Bill Callahan
Dream River - DRAG CITY
FILTER Grade: 88%

By Jeffrey Brown on September 16, 2013


Bill Callahan

For the past two decades, Bill Callahan has regularly put out a new album every couple of years, like clockwork. Just as impressive is how he has consistently continued to mature as an artist, creating music of increasing depth and beauty. This has been especially true since he dropped the moniker of Smog, and Dream River is an album that showcases Callahan once again at his best yet. Forever a talented lyricist, his latest collection of songs contains a mix of metaphorical reflection, obscure anecdote and personal storytelling. It’s a seamless album of contemporary Americana that is both quietly sublime and engaging, one with a clear voice and singular vision that makes the listener pause and pay attention. In a world that increasingly rewards short attention spans and encourages distractions, Callahan’s music is well worth taking the time to patiently absorb.  


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