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Silver Wilkinson - WARP
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Zachary Sniderman on May 29, 2013



There is a drop in the pond, the ripples rolling out ceaselessly. Was it the wind or the pluck of a guitar? These are the kinds of obtuse images that decorate Silver Wilkinson, the elusive and ambient record from experimental British producer Bibio (real name: Stephen Wilkinson). Rather than his electro roots, the record is bubbling brooks and acoustic guitars. The first half of Silver Wilkinson runs like a pretty, multi-tracked Bon Iver record but then it turns very odd very fast. “You” is a jerky cut-up of heavy samples, “Mirror All” is all bleeps and synths; somehow they’re butted up against the sweet guitars of “You Won’t Remember.” Early songs like “The First of Daffodils” hit some truly beautiful highs but overall the album feels scattered rather than purposeful. If Silver Wilkinson is supposed to be a journey, it sounds like Mr. Wilkinson got a little lost along the way.  


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