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FILTER Grade: 81%

By Jon Pruett on December 10, 2013



This solo outing from Gang Gang Dance’s Brian DeGraw strips away some of the darkness that inhabited his band’s previous records and creates a more blissful, pop-driven place to play. Where Gang Gang Dance felt like they were channeling some kind of mystic freeform ju-ju, bEEdEEgEE creates something more direct and arresting. “Overlook” is pure melody on top of booming, pulsating synths, while “(F.U.T.D.) Time of Waste” is an Alexis Taylor–sung moody pop confection that could have come off of a more twisted, acid-house version of Depeche Mode’s Construction Time Again. Guest vocalists Lizzi Bougatsos, Lovefoxxx and Douglas Armour help put a human element to many of the songs, but it’s DeGraw’s productions—simple melodlc patterns that boldly fuse new-age wizardry with crisp, minimal synths and pitch-shifted samples—that loom the largest.

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