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Beach House
Bloom - SUB POP
FILTER Grade: 88%

By Marissa R. Moss on May 15, 2012


Beach House

If Beach House’s last record was a teen dream, this is an adult version: Bloom is a matured, ethereal journey. It’s full of Victoria Legrand’s echoing vocals, twinges of The Cure and songs where the mellow haze never thwarts sophisticated hooks. Somehow, it all manages to evoke both David Bowie’s Labyrinth soundtrack and ’80s riffs way prettier than ones actually produced by the decade (but just as familiar). Legrand and bandmate Alex Scally have said Bloom was built as a complete album in a world of singles, and it feels so; the whole thing unfolds like a continual story, each song playing off the next. At times, a bit too much—they can bleed into each other indistinctly—but maybe that’s the point. Stellar tracks like “Lazuli,” “Other People” and “Myth” will have you both hypnotized and dizzy while singing along—your poor neighbors: Legrand’s voice is a one and only. 

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