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Basia Bulat
Heart of My Own - SECRET CITY
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Michael D. Ayers on February 24, 2010


Basia Bulat

If you slept on Bulat’s 2007 debut, Oh, My Darling, don’t fret—lots of folks did. But by doing so, you missed out on one of that year’s most underrated debuts. Bulat showed a knack for simple yet pleasantly sufficient folk-pop songs, where the autoharp and the dulcimer were her primary instruments. But really, it’s Bulat’s vibrato, which returns here in fine form. On Heart of My Own, Bulat expands her range into a richer exploration of folk traditions, adding horn sections as well. “I’m Forgetting Everyone” is as sparse and delicate as she’s been in the past, but on “If Only You,” she delves into more of a country feel, which echoes throughout the album; it’s upbeat even if most of Bulat’s songs dwell on heart-ache and loss. That notion is on par with every singer-songwriter these days but her voice drives these concepts into a feeling that’s genuine. In other words, Bulat can pine with the best of them.

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