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Bad Brains
Into the Future - MEGAFORCE
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Alejandro Rubio on November 26, 2012


Bad Brains

It makes sense that precisely when the world is tipping the scales with new heights of chaos and absurdity that the Bad Brains would decide to step in and level things out with a little bit of that ol’ PMA. Into the Future is the band’s ninth full-length album and, like its predecessors, synthesizes its abrasive hardcore tendencies with undulating reggae rhythms, achieving a strange harmony—which is also heard within the constant tension between H.R.’s theatrical and schizophrenic vocals and Dr. Know’s ultraviolet guitars. It’s also a relief to know that with songs like “Youth of Today,” Bad Brains continue to avoid that tired pattern of the aging punk band still screaming about how life sucks by giving even their most polemic assault the smallest promise of hope. Although this may not be the band’s greatest work, at least it’s not a parody of what was. Soak that Positive Mental Attitude up.

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