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Azure Ray
Drawing Down the Moon - Saddle Creek
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Tamara Vallejos on September 3, 2010


For Azure Ray’s long-awaited fourth album, the newly-reformed duo again employs hushed electronics and whispered vocals to build its collection of sad songs. For a band with a more abundant output, such recycled energy would be a pity. But it’s been seven years since Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink uttered a peep as Azure Ray, so instead of being tired, Drawing Down the Moon feels loaded with nostalgia, like being welcomed home by an old and very heartsick friend. And by the time Taylor timidly asks a would-be lover, “If I could give this a shot, could you?” on standout track “On and On Again,” it’s a fact: Time has not diminished Azure Ray’s ability to craft songs that are both bittersweet and oh-so-pretty. So it’s totally forgivable if Taylor and Fink aren’t up for stretching their boundaries right now. After all, on an introspective evening when all you want is to fall in or out of love, Drawing will offer the ideal level of melancholic companionship.

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