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Avey Tare
Down There - Paw Tracks
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kyle MacKinnel on November 25, 2010


Avey Tare

Ever so discreetly, an Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner) solo record has bubbled to the foggy surface. Inspired by crocodiles, recorded by Deakin, and sloshing amok through rhythmic swamplands, Down There is the inkiest output from Portner since Here Comes the Indian. “Laughing Hieroglyphic” churns in the bog, “Ghost of Books” chatters at the wind, and all nine jams attain cohesion by pulling up beats from below. Portner has long oozed an anarchic and, at times, gloomy essence as Animal Collective’s alpha songwriter, and Down There feels quite content wallowing in this murky bath.

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