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Exai - WARP
FILTER Grade: 76%

By Loren Auda Poin on March 26, 2013



British electronic duo Autechre have never been content to ride the wave of the avant-garde—they’d much rather be throwing heavy shit into the pool to make their own bloody waves. In the highly derivative world of electronic music, the balance between originality and listenability is a seemingly more complex and difficult one to strike. Exai, the group’s 11th album, more than manages this feat, and with a pulsing, dark elegance only these two can summon. For two hours, each song slips past and transforms, throwing up Giger-esque thorns here and Blade Runner searchlights there. Listening to the record as a whole is sort of like meandering through an exhibit of miniature, spasming wire sculptures—they’re cohesive in tone and design, and fascinating to watch, both odd and charming. Their only shortcoming is that they don’t seem to hint at what’s behind or beyond them, what’s animating them other than their own desire to move.

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