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Atlas Sound
Parallax - 4AD
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Loren Auda Poin on November 8, 2011


Atlas Sound

On “Te Amo,” the third track of Atlas Sound’s Parallax, Bradford Cox sings, “We’ll have such strange dreams” with the joyous anticipation of a habitual dweller of other worlds. The same tone also infuses a later lyric, “When you’re down / You’re always down,” but touched with exasperation, the banal suffering of romantic frustrations. It’s this straddling of dimensional thresholds—quotidian hardships on one side, and then, one step away, escape into gleaming galaxies of notes metastasizing to infinity—that gives the Deerhunter frontman’s work its appeal. Each track on Parallax is rooted in his broad knowledge of pop and experimental music, drawing inspiration equally from heavy-hitters of sound manipulation in every era, whether it’s David Bowie’s alien synth-wobble or the twang and echo of ’50s rock and soul. With each Atlas Sound release, the sonic effects become more interwoven, intense and impressive, and truly no one else could be writing these songs the way Cox does.

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