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Arctic Monkeys
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Adam Pollock on September 9, 2013


Arctic Monkeys

Britain’s Most Successful Band Ever™ (for most sales in one week) have, since their 2006 debut, expertly navigated the modern-rock landscape, releasing albums that perfectly captured the current culture mood. AM will prove to be no different and, thanks to the unabashed rockness of it, could be the one album of theirs that might most appeal to American ears. In 2012, the Monkeys hit the road with The Black Keys and it’s obvious that that band’s swampy distorto-rock has influenced the typically more compact riffage of Sheffield’s finest. AM starts with a sleazy 12-string guitar line that instantly sets the stage for the rock to come. Unlike their American counterparts, however, when the vocals come in, they’re loud and clear; Alex Turner has never sounded so confident. The songs whiz by in a torrent of flailing drum sticks and pounding guitars; the one-two punch of “Do I Wanna Know?” and “R U Mine?” would alone be nearly enough to declare a success. The band’s Britishness asserts itself a little more mid-album with the melody-driven “Number 1 Party Anthem,” and “Snap Out Of It” adds a catchy chorus that’s pure-pop to the mix. As soon as AM’s 12 tracks are over, you’ll be lunging for the play button again—it’s that good.  


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