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Angel Olsen
Burn Your Fire For No Witness - JAGJAGUWAR
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Bailey Pennick on February 20, 2014


Angel Olsen

When starting Angel Olsen’s latest release, you might think you have just pressed play on yet another album full of lightly strummed guitars and delicate vocals about sweethearts. Let’s just put your troubled mind to rest. Burn Your Fire For No Witness is not one of those albums. The album’s purposefully quiet opener, “Unfucktheworld,” acts as the fragile preamble to an explosive collection of honest songs about the internal struggles with life after the buildup and breakdown of love. Within the 11 tracks that make up her third full-length, Olsen’s strong and matchless voice pierces through fuzzed out guitars and massive organ riffs, allowing us to burrow into her mind. The wheels are constantly turning and trying to understand the disintegration of the fairy-tale romance that simply started with the aching statement: “I quit my dreaming the moment that I found you.”


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