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Alexis Taylor
Await Barbarians - DOMINO
FILTER Grade: 77%

By Kathy Iandoli on June 11, 2014


Alexis Taylor

It feels like Hot Chip fans are finally comfortable with frontman Alexis Taylor’s solo side hustle, and so is he with Await Barbarians. 2008’s Rubbed Out was awesome in its ability to showcase Taylor’s reach beyond the confines of his group’s cult following. Await Barbarians continues that sentiment only more refined—the first single “Elvis Has Left the Building” being a prime example in all of its pleasantly subdued glory. Other tracks like “Closer to the Elderly” show how Taylor can meld some of Hot Chip’s sound into his own solo body, while songs like “Piano Ducks” and “New Hours” show Taylor exploring new dimensions to his sound. It doesn’t hurt that he’s recorded every instrument on the project himself (minus the strings). Well aware now of what he likes to do with Hot Chip and what he likes to do eponymously, Taylor’s efforts here are enough to sate fans until the next solo project arrives.  


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