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Alex Winston
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Daniel Kohn on February 29, 2012


Alex Winston

It may seem hard to believe due to the number of EPs she’s released, but NYC–based songstress Alex Winston has finally gotten around to releasing her first proper full-length. Not straying far from her brand of indie dream-pop, songs like opener “Fire Ant” showcase the singer’s vocal range. The track that inspired the album’s title, “Velvet Elvis” is poppy and catchy, though the lyrics represent a far darker side. Singing about different characters and their plights makes for a fun listen, but too many of the instrumentals sound repetitive. Winston has grown since the release of her initial 2010 EP; however, it would have been nice to hear her stray a bit from the indie-pop formula that’s garnered her a following in the first place. Though a bit of the same, it’s one of the more confident “debuts” you’ll hear this year.


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