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More on Right the Stars: 

Right the Stars is the brainchild of Los Angeles artist and producer Rich Jacques.

Right The Stars was born with “We Got It All”, a song co-written with Rob Giles (The Rescues) and Guy Erez (Alan Parsons Project), moving away from the troubadour mould Rich had been performing in earlier, to create a fuller, band-centric, pop sound. “I wanted to stretch beyond the limitations of just a guy with an acoustic guitar” says Jacques.

Right the Stars evolved into a collaboration of all of Jacques’ musical peers in Los Angeles. It’s become a collective name for his community consisting of amazing songwriters and world class players. “It’s amazing to be in such a creatively vibrant place.” Jacques says “I’m constantly inspired by all the artists I get to work with.”

At the core of any live performance is Jacques, drummer BC Taylor, bassist Alex Balderston, and keyboardist Mike Schmid. They have become a staple at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, a venue that has become the L.A. ‘hotbed’ of new music over the last ten years.

Right the Stars released their self-titled debut in 2010, but the project realises its full potential with the forthcoming record, “Hello Yes OK.”

Drawing its title from three words which are understood anywhere in the world, “Hello Yes OK” is an unabashedly feel-good pop record, with hooks piled upon hooks — a language that is similarly universal.

“As a kid I would fall asleep listening to top 40 radio. I couldn’t get enough!” says Jacques. You can hear hints of his 80’s influences from The Cure to Paul Simon, to Tears for Fears all over the album.

The name of the band came after hearing Wilco’s song “Jesus etc.” Jacques comments that the lyric, “You were right about the stars,” stuck with him and it’s abbreviated form became the name.

Chances are you have heard Right the Stars’ songs already — they have been featured in Honda commercials, on Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at birth, America’s Got Talent/Kmart, MTV, Men in Trees, PBS Carriers, and the movie Furry Vengeance. And it’s likely you’ll be hearing a lot more of them.

Right the Stars - Give It All