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WAIT…REALLY?: The Pause “Catacombo Sound System”: Listen To Music Six Feet Under

By Bailey Pennick on January 23, 2013


WAIT…REALLY?: The Pause “Catacombo Sound System”: Listen To Music Six Feet Under


I think it's safe to say that we all are in agreement that music is pretty awesome. It might even be our favorite thing in the world, but how can we possibly back up this extreme claim about our love of music? How do we weed out the true music fans from the fakers?


Thankfully Pause, a genius Swedish company, has finally helped us with this dilemma and has taken music appreciation to the next level.


Introducing the Catacombo Sound System and custom coffin for yourself or for a loved one who truly appreciates a good jam. Because who could go on for eternity (literally) without their favorite on-the-go playlist?


You can watch the product video below and check out our thoughts and highlights below!



- Right off the bat the booming voice-over asks us mere living souls: "Do you believe in music?"  This is a very good way to start because obviously we believe in music? We aren't heathens!


- Later the voice of what we can only conclude is "audiophile God" asks us if we believe that "souls and spirits can unite in one beat." Now he's pushing it a little. Is that theory even tested?


- We need to know what "god-like comfort and an angelic interior" feels like! We'll pay you anything you demand!


- Perfect use of the word "divine" in describing a subwoofer. Seriously, you nailed it.


- Isn't it kind of a given that a coffin has a "unique interior acoustic space"? It is a coffin after all...


- At first we were concerned that only the dead would be able to enjoy this piece of musical majestry, but loved ones can "spare you a thought" by adding a song to your playlist. Concerns that we potential buyers have: What if your playlist gets into the hands of your enemies? Will my music love be avenged?


- You say that the Catacombo Sound System redefines the concept of "life after death entertainment," but was that really something we as a culture had defined before?


- Putting "Knocking On Heaven's Door" and "Stairway To Heaven" on your endless death mixtape? Kind of expected, but okay, it's your eternity playlist...


- Oh it starts at the low (and completely reasonable) price of 23,500 euros? Where do we sign up!


The future of death is here today!

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