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Undiscovered Band of the Month: GunFight!

By Staff on April 6, 2010


Undiscovered Band of the Month: GunFight!

The members of GunFight! are New York bred, but the band was formed in Boston in 2006 when members were attending Emerson College. They built up a following in the live settings of many a late-night basement party and moved to NYC in 2007. The band released the EP 'Hide Your Empties' in 2009 and is set to release the album Frontier Land in 2010. GunFight! has played with Those Darlins, Langhorne Slim, Beach Fossils, Local Natives, Motel Motel, Freelance Whales and more. The band has performed at Pianos, the Cake Shop, Bruar Falls, Cameo, Union Pool and loft venues like Market Hotel and Glasslands, in Brooklyn.

MySpace  l  "Broke With Holes" MP3  l 

GunFight! - "Sticks" on Vimeo.

Who are your main influences?
Besides Kosher pastrami and Tennessee whiskey? Besides suburban sprawl and urban decay? Besides the North American Turkey and the majestic, yet endangered Bison? GunFight! is influenced by our youth, growing up around the New York Metropolitan Area. We are inspired by our nostalgia for having to find creative places to get drunk when we were kids. We are driven by the excitement of Brooklyn and the reckless behavior it encourages. And ultimately, we find our fuel in old country tunes and classic punk records.

How did you meet?
In Boston. Bill and Drew went to Emerson College together. Tony and Drew knew each other from high school and became close friends while working at a local A&P supermarket. Dominic met up with the rest of us after we all relocated to Brooklyn.
What is your biggest achievement as a band to date?
Opening for Langhorn Slim. Getting written about by FILTER and Spin. And, finishing our new full-length, "Frontier Land."
Where did the band name originate?
Our name actually took a country slant before we even realized that we wanted the band to do so. The name came from Drew’s description to Bill on AIM of the "gypsy-camp" scene in The James Bond movie "From Russia With Love."

Favorite Bands?
If it wasn't for Tony playing Drew the Strokes in 2001, he would most likely still think that Led Zeppelin is the best band that ever was (not that there is anything wrong with that). Other than that, Waylon Jennings, Bruce Springsteen, Ramones, the Clash, Gang of Four, and newer stuff like Thee Oh Sees, Abe Vigoda, No Age

Plans to Tour?
SUMMER 2010 BABY! Stay tuned for dates.
Plans for next release?
We just finished our first full-length record, Frontier Land. We have yet to determine when and how we'll be distributing it. In the mean time, you can hear select tracks on our MySpace page.

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