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Tribes Want To Share With You (Through Tribes’ Instagram)

By Staff, Photos by @Tribesband on February 15, 2013


Tribes Want To Share With You (Through Tribes’ Instagram)


Tribes has certainly seen a lot over the past few months. Judging from their Instagram (@Tribesband) some of it has been expected and some of it looks completely unexpectable.


There are the classic shots from any tour; we see the band rehearsing as well as members crammed into a car like a scene out of a Maysles brothers documentary. We also get to see a nice shot of the band visiting a pretty spectacular aquarium. The wild card shot from the last few months though has to be the picture of the giant bee with a stand-up bass, your guess is as good as ours there. The bands sophomore album, Wish To Scream, is set for release May 20th on Island Records.


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