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TOUR BLOG: Maria Taylor Hits The Road Pt. 2 (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on October 31, 2011


TOUR BLOG: Maria Taylor Hits The Road Pt. 2 (FILTER Exclusive)


In supprt of her fourth solo album, Overlook, Maria Taylor has been hitting the road hard and FILTER has teamed up with her to bring you into her world of touring.

After catching up with all of Maria's tour happenings, grab her latest record right here. You can also check out her tour dates below.

Catch Taylor with supporting acts Big Harp and Dead Fingers on these dates:



11, Chicago, IL (Subterranean)

12, Cleveland, OH (Grog Shop)

13, Toronto, ONT (Drake)

15, Boston, MA (Middle East (Upstairs))

17, New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)

18, Fairfileld, CT (StageOne)

19, Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Knecktie)

20, Washington, DC (Rock N Roll Hotel)

22, Chapel Hill, NC (Local 506)

23, Athens, GA (Caledonia Lounge)

24, Birmingham, AL (Bottletree)





Week 2 : the west coast

San Diego
We play at the legendary "Casbah". This is a dive bar with a sound system made perfect for a loud punk band. I played there first when I was 19 years old, so what I like best about playing there is the history it has with me and just in general.  What I like least is that you can hear the planes landing louder than you can hear me at times and I also have a young fan base in San Diego. The Casbah is 21+, so the under age fans can't get in.

Day off, LA
On our day off, I stay in Dana Point with one of my best friends in the world who just had her first baby. It was the perfect resting stop while the others went on to LA to go out drinking with our friends. The next day I was walking at a normal pace up to the train that should have taken me to Los Angeles, when the doors shut in my face and it took off.  I stood there and watched my train drive off into the distance.  Finally (after missing the next train because they gave me the wrong time), I get on the train and make it to soundcheck just in time. LA feels like a homecoming for me that always gives me mixed emotions. It's so wonderful to see all of my friends, but makes me nostalgic for the days when I could see them every day. I miss LA and my friends.

San Francisco 
We wake pretty early and head out to San Francisco. Right as we are driving into the city, we see police lights and backed up traffic as far as the eye can see. As we approach the scene, we see a small city bus with a motorcycle underneath. I mean....that is a terrible scene. But we've seen things like this on the road before and never before were police blockading the roads for miles and miles. They basically shut down the interstate and had several blockades with SO many police cars. We knew there was something more to the story. I was thinking maybe there was also a bomb threat, or terrorist threat. TURNS OUT the bus driver had a previous altercation with a hells angel biker, followed him onto the interstate, chased him down, ran over him, drove for miles with him under the bus, then pulled over and fled the scene!!!  There is always one incident of this caliber on every tour. Half of me is always scared and the other half is riveted to find out what it will be on each tour. 

Day off, Portland
We work our way up the west coast and stop in Medford, Oregon to sleep. Medford is a great place to sleep, not a great place to find food or entertainment on a Sunday night.
We make it to Portland and I realize while I'm hanging out after the show that I haven't thrown up in 4 days and I feel....GOOD. Fingers crossed, but I think I may be entering 2nd trimester bliss!!!

Another favorite aspect of touring for me is getting to see my friends who have spread out all over the country. I have a great night hanging out with old friends. We spend the night with one of my best friends who sends us off with her baby crib that she no longer needs. It's a super nice, super large baby crib. I take pictures while the boys cram this huge crib amongst  our amps, drums , and guitars. It's  pretty hilarious and will continue to be as we pull that thing out every night when we load in to the clubs. (Though, not sure the dudes in the band would use the word " hilarious" ;)

Day off drive
Highlight of this day, ironically, was getting pulled over....again. With the taillight out, no proof of insurance, and an expired tag. The officer just gave me a warning for speeding, but when he came back to the window he said, "WHO IS ORENDA FINK?". I was baffled.  Does Orenda have a warrant out? Does her name come up as my best friend when you run my license??
I say to him, "She's my best friend...why do you ask?"
He says, " I Googled you."

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